Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Cats and Dogs:

Now I am very much a cat person whilst Colin, is a dog person. At the camp site we were staying on, there was a beautiful black friendly cat and I absolutely fell in love with him. Colin, needless to say, never even gave the poor thing a second glance let alone stroke it. Of course this turned the subject to pets, I want a cat, Colin wants a dog (I don't think so). After much, no were not getting a dog and no you can't have a cat. We decided to agree to no pets. On the journey home I remembered that I had several black cats that had not seen the light of day for some time. This is my kaleidoscope quilt, which I made during a class with a great teacher, Jean Thorpe. The quilt is titled "Cat o nine tails" because there are nine blocks and some of them only show the cats tails. Plus I whipped it up quite quickly. (Sorry, couldn't resit that). The middle block is the original design on the fabric I chose for this project.