Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I have just come back from the Quilters Guild AGM and I had a fabulous time. A few blogs back I showed you all a glimpse of the piece of work I was working on for the Innovation challenge, well this is the finished piece. My piece was called People of innovation. The standard of entries was very high and the winning piece was very much deserved it was also my favourite. The challenge will be exhibited again at Quilts in the city, which will be held at St Nicholas church Liverpool July 6th to July 10th 2010.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tiny Easter Bunny:

A couple of days ago I received my issue of the Australian magazine Homespun. As you all know I do tend to have a weakness for dolls, well you can imagine my delight when I spotted these cute little fabric bunnies. So last night, with my beautiful Grandson in mind, I made him a Wee bunny. Isn't he so cute, I have placed a reel of cotton next to him so you can get an idea of his size. Now I am addicted and several more Wee Bunnies are waiting to be made up, but they will have to wait a little longer till I get back from my dads.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Michaela is 21:

My beautiful daughter was 21 yesterday. On Saturday night we had a fantastic birthday party. My how time flies, can hardly believe she is 21 and a mother herself. yikes feeling old .....

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Fly Away Home...

A couple of days ago this beautiful Mistle Thrush flew into my porch. I always have one window slightly ajar, with the tumble dryer pipe sticking out. I can only assume that she has landed on the pipe then hopped in through the gap. She had not been there long because several minutes earlier I had unloaded and reloaded the tumble dryer. After folding the washing I went into my room to put my clothes away and there she was. I soon realised she was becoming quite distressed as she kept flying into the middle window trying to get out. I managed to open one of the windows very wide and several minutes later and a helpful little nudge from the floor brush, she flew out. She was so beautiful with her slender neck and speckled breast full of lovely warm browns.Although her chirps were probably distress calls, they still sounded like musical notes. With today being Mothering Sunday I would like to think of her sitting on her nest nurturing her eggs.

The Generosity if Friends....

Yesterday I attended the Regional day at Frodsham it was a very enjoyable day. The speakers were Gill Turley and Elizabeth Brimelow. Whilst there I caught up with my friend Judith who gave me this beautiful jelly roll and a belated birthday gift an adorable (very me) fridge magnet. Then my other friend Sue gave me this cute little owl pin cushion. I have named him Thue after her. My friend Janet gave me a lift there and home and I don't exactly live around the corner from her. What generous friends I have, I truly am blessed to have such special people in my life. I love the three of you ladies to bits thank you for my beautiful gifts xx

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

And the little one said roll over...

Oh how my little man is growing fast. He is such a delightful pleasant baby. He has just started to roll over onto his tummy. He is so pleased with himself but after a couple of minutes he gets all in a tiz because he has not figured out what to do once he has rolled over. Bless him lol xxxx

Monday, 8 March 2010

Time out for a Challenge:

Can somebody tell me just where the days are all going? Life at the moment has been hectic with one thing then another. On Saturday I attended the Regional 13 Committee meeting with my friend Janet. Several people from the committee gave Janet their challenge quilts for Quilts in the city. To my horror I realised that I was desperately running out of time if I wanted to make a challenge quilt. The theme is Innovation and it has had me stumped for months. Saturday night I was at the Liverpool Play House to watch MDI who were celebrating 18 years of dance. My daughter was performing with her hip hop dance group. I have to say the show was fantastic. It was here that I got my inspiration for the challenge. Yesterday the sketch book came out and the computer went on and here is a glimpse of what I am working on, the images have all been printed onto fabric.