Friday, 25 July 2014

Day trips with the fambo.

Wednesday, Colin and I met Michaela and Cole in Southport and had a fab afternoon.
Natalie and Paige, saying hi to Grandma giant in St Georges hall.

We also met Alice and the White Rabbit outside the Central Library.

Here is my fourth Journal fabric postcard. Yes I am addicted to making these little works of art.
I have been totally enjoying spending lovely days out with my family. Making the most of the great weather we have been experiencing as of late. On Wednesday, Colin and I caught up with Michaela and Cole and had a lovely afternoon in Southport. Then yesterday Natalie, Paige and I went into Liverpool town centre and visited Giant Grandma in St Georges hall. What a lovely bonus when we met Alice and the White Rabbit, we also met Iron man but that photo is on Natalie's phone. Today I met Heswall Quilters and spoke about my quilts. What a great group of ladies they made me so welcome. Later, Colin took me to Thurston Common for a picnic lunch, it was bliss just looking across at Wales. Then a visit to his sisters, Karen, where we enjoyed sitting in the shade drinking cold drinks in her lovely garden. After a busy day I decided housework could wait so I went into my sewing room and yes you guessed it, made another journal fabric postcard. I scribbled this idea a few days ago and when I began to make it I was not sure it would work but once I added the sketchy stitch to the birds it all fell into place. You see Joan, I told you I was far from finished with them "Funky birds " lol. I hope you to are all enjoying a lovely summer.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Childs play..

Cole's fabric backgrounds.

My fabric backgrounds.

A joint effort.

Doodle for fabric journal postcard,

Finished Journal fabric postcard.
On Friday I had the delightful company of my beautiful Grandson Cole.  We always spend some quality time together painting and drawing in my sewing room. This time I thought we would do something a little different. Adorning our aprons I got our some white cotton fabric and the water colour sprays I recently made from a set of DMT intensive water colour paints and tap water. As well as various size bottle tops, lids, some small rubber stamps, some ink pads and acrylic paints. We set to creating some lovely back grounds with the intention of making some journal fabric post cards. We had a great time, playing with different house hold items, which we tried to stamp using the ink pads and acrylic paints. Once our backgrounds had dried, I ironed them to heat set them. With that said these fabric are not going to be used in any projects that may require washing as I do not know how they would react to water.  Today, I was looking for new inspirational quotes and stumbled across this one" Those who wish to sing will always find a song". I knew straight away it was perfect for a new Journal fabric postcard. I decided to use the background piece that we made together and I think it has worked really well.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Yey it reached it destination.

Now I can share my first journal Soup fabric postcard, which I sent to my very good friend Janet.  I can see myself doing a lot more of theese in the future their addictive.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Money well spent....

I mentioned a few post back that I purchased a on line work shop "Journal Soup"from a lady named Kate Crane. The workshop was £10 and you got a PDF work sheet info that you can down load and print out, if you wanted to, which I did. Also you get access to an hours video tutorial where Kate shows techniques and tips for beginners journeling.  Yesterday I realised I needed to make a fabric post card for the face book swap group I am a member of, I decided to see if I could incorporate some of the techniques I've learnt in Kate's on line work shop. I am pleased to say it was a huge success and now I am hooked.  I know my cards where already original pieces of art works but I feel creating my own backgrounds on white cotton fabric has made them that little bit more unique. I made the first one yesterday but I can not share that at the moment as it is in the post as we speak off to its receiver.  However, I will post a pic once it has arrived at its destination. This is today's card and even though I say so myself, I think its fab. Those who know me will relate to the "Red Shoes" but I doubt even I could walk a thousand miles in them killer heels. X:)

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


This book was 30p from a charity shop. I know what a fabulous bargain it is in emaculate condition.

On Monday after dropping off my little man Cole I was waiting for the bus home when I heard someone call my name. When I looked across the road it was my friend Lorraine from Liverbirds. She tells me she had just come out of a charity shop further along the road and there was a Art book for £1.00. She was going to buy it but didn't have anyone in mind who would appreciate it then she saw me at the bus stop and new i would love it. So we walked back to the Charity shop and I picked up the book. It is big, thick and very heavy. It is in excellent condition and has every know piece of art known to man and is beautifully illustrated. I got my £1.00 for the woman at the till who then says that will be 30pence please. I was stunned I offered her the £1.00 but she only took 30p. I put the 70p change in the donation box. Both Lorraine and I could not believe the price. Now that is a bargain and I am so glad Lorraine spotted me at the bus stop. The second book I bought off Amazon cost about £6.00 with postage. Now I know it seems a bit of an odd book to buy but the artist shows step by step how to draw the female form using simple shapes. As I have been trying to teach myself whimsical girls I thought this would help. This afternoon I had a go and I think I am getting somewhere. OK Ive been a bit generous with nipped in waist and JLO bums and thighs but on the whole I think I'm getting there. Only I am not to sure where there is? X:)

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Still playing...

This exercise book is where I practise my whisical lettering (which I am not very good at :() but on this page I decided to add a girl and she turned into a mermaid.

Girl doodle while randomly testing home made funky foam stamps.
2nd Journal soup page.
with paints, pencils, stencils, inks etc. and having lots of messy fun making journal soup.  As well as journaling, I have still been trying to teach myself to draw faces. I am improving but like everything it takes practise. Yesterday I bought some Funky Foam and attempted to make some stamps for the journal soup. I tested them out by stamping them on A3 sheets of copy paper using various inks and paints. This is a great way to create back grounds for other art work. In the midst of doing this I suddenly decided to add a face, things where going well until I over worked the paper and it ripped across the side of her nose. Oops :) Still its all a learning curve.