Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Angels and demons:

Several weeks ago I purchased a make your own little angel kit from Home and Bargain. Like so many other things i have purchased, it has sat gathering dust in my sewing room. Today was one of those days when the demon's of depression and negative thoughts were threatening to consume me entirely. What better way to fight this by making my own angel. Here she is and I think she is fab. I ended up just taking the basic bits from the little kit and going with my own creativity. As I hung her on my memory tree I realised how many other angels are in my life. I am sure you all know who you are and that my life would be incomplete without you.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Inspired by others:

There was a programme on last week "Kirsty's homemade Christmas". It was really good she visited lots of different crafts people who assisted her to make homemade items for Christmas in the subject that they specialised in. I have to say I got an abundance of ideas from the show. One of the crafts people was a florist and she showed Kirsty how to make a decorative tassel using beads and ribbon, to adorn a Christmas wrapped gift. This inspired me to have a go at making one myself, but to hang on my Christmas tree as a decoration. I rummaged in my bits and bobs box and these are two decorations I made. They cost pennies to make but look exquisit. When I go to town I always visit the shop bangles and bows in Clayton Square. Here you can pick up costume jewelery from as little as 25p. At this price you do not mind dismantling them, leaving you with some beautiful bead embellishments for a fraction of the price you would pay for a tube of beads. The other added bonus is you often get a good assortment of different sizes, colours and shapes all on the one bracelet or necklace.

Christmas Tree Decorations:

A few years ago I visited my friend Janet's house at Christmas and I immediately fell in love with her memory Christmas tree. Ever since then I decided to start my own memory tree. Collecting and making tree decorations each year, each one having a story behind it. I hope that these will one day pass to my daughter and future generations. Here are some decorations that hang on my Christmas tree today. The father Christmas is one of my favorites. I purchased him a couple of years ago in John Lewis Sales at a fraction of his original price. The little nut cracker soldier I purchased this year from past times and whilst I got 20% of he was still a little bit expensive for my pocket, but he was worth it.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Hand painted box:

My friend Janet gave me two plain wooden boxes quite some time ago. They have been in a draw ever since. This is because I have not had any inspiration as to what design I should paint on the boxes. Last night however, I was browsing through one of my Tone Finnager books (I'm a huge fan of hers) and came across this pattern for the lovey rose. I knew straight away I had to paint one of the boxes with roses. I think this will be ideal for Janet's daughter Emma, as her bedroom is quite Shabby Chic, with pretty pastel colours and textiles from Laura Ashely. Oh and she has a bed to die for, yep I am very envious of Emma's bed.lol

Welcome greetings:

Hello Maggie and welcome to my blog it is very nice of you to join my litte band of truly great friends. I hope you enjoy your visists Love Susan x

Its really was designed by meeeeee:

Ohhhh look what I have found. Squidgy Stuff is based at Eccles Farm this is where I did my City & Guilds course in Patchwork and design. If you visit the site you will see some of the designs I was asked to design based on beginner kits for children aged 8 and onwards. I was very very flattered and honoured when Gail Cowley (director of squidy Stuff)asked me if I would like to design some kits for the company. It was quite an experience. It is such a buz to see the final product and I hope that the kits have inspired lots of children to take a step into the wonderful world of textiles. This is just one of the designs from my sketch book for one of the kits. Well this has made my day folks seeing my name next to the words DESIGNED BY lol xxxxxxx

Thursday, 3 December 2009


I adore stitcheries but I am not that good at hand sewing. I have had a little go at making Christmas message hearts. Mmmmm? there a bit hit and miss. Well you know what they say "practise makes perfect". Lol Me thinks I need a lot of Practise:o x

More journals:

Once you start making these journal covers they can become addictive. Probably because there quick and easy to make. Here are another two I made a few days ago. The red one with the bead work is for the winner of my bus caption little give away. The winner was GWEN. Congratulations Gwen, if you read this I will be bringing your prize to Liverbirds on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Winter boots:

I have been really busy sewing over the last few weeks. trying to finish my ufo's. I finished my grandma country album quit. I decided to layer and quilt it myself. Erm least said about that the better (lol) a little bit of the binding left to sew then that can go in the airing cupbaord. I finished the top of my christmas quilt very pleased with that. it just need to be layered and quilted. I sewed all my wonder blocks together now I need fabric for a boarder. that requires a visit to Dot might not be this year though. Today i wanted to do some quick sewing. i have admired this boot patteren from Tone Finnagans Book Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle. they are quick and easy to do. the black and white one is for my sister Naatalie. The purple one is for a mini christmas swap with my pen friend Leanne in Austrailia. The other one well that would be telling now lol.