Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas Tree Decorations:

A few years ago I visited my friend Janet's house at Christmas and I immediately fell in love with her memory Christmas tree. Ever since then I decided to start my own memory tree. Collecting and making tree decorations each year, each one having a story behind it. I hope that these will one day pass to my daughter and future generations. Here are some decorations that hang on my Christmas tree today. The father Christmas is one of my favorites. I purchased him a couple of years ago in John Lewis Sales at a fraction of his original price. The little nut cracker soldier I purchased this year from past times and whilst I got 20% of he was still a little bit expensive for my pocket, but he was worth it.

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Kath said...

I remember that post, how you marvelled at all the little decorations all over Janets house. I'm glad you bought those little figures, they will bring you much pleasure over the years. Imagine your little Grandson, when next Christmas when he can really take it all in, he will love these! XX