Saturday, 20 December 2014

A chook and a snowman.

I finished Uni a week ago for the Christmas holidays and I am loving every minute of the break. I have even managed to do some sewing just for me which has been simply bliss. Last year one of the Southport ladies introduced me to the Missouri Star quilt tutorials and I occasionally watch them on you tube. A few days ago I watched her make a Chicken pin cushion and decided I too needed a chicken pin cushion. The lady recommends lizard litter as part of the stuffing because it is made from crushed walnuts and apparently these stop the needles from blunting. I tried to buy lizard litter but the two girls in Pets at Home looked at me blankly and said, they had never herd of Lizard litter. I asked what did they sell for lizards to do the business on and they said "sand"! So I went to Asda and bought a packet of dried chic peas. I loved making my chook, he is sitting on my desk and he makes me smile every time I look at him.  The beautiful snowman was a gift from my very talented friend Sue, isn't he adorable? Sadly, I do not have my Christmas tree up this year because of a certain little lady named Poppy.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Lovely mail.

Postcard swap with Iraelia.

My first Christmas card all the way from Bermuda from Tanya
Oh how nice to get beautiful mail through the letterbox. Last month a joined a fabric postcard swap via Shelia's blog my swap partner was Iraelia from Puerto Rico, sadly I did not take a photo of the card I sent her. :( Never mind I did get a lovely email from Iraelia saying thank you and she liked the card. The second bit of post today was all the way from Bermuda from Tanya. A while ago I came across Tanya on you tube "Cardinal Crafts" she was appealing for people to send her postcards from where they lived. I sent one from Liverpool and I also sent her a fabric card which she loved. She even showed it and thanked me on her you tube channel. I didn't hear from her again so her Christmas card (which is so cute) was a total surprise. Its amazing that such a small gesture of sending someone a card, be it bought or handmade can lift a persons spirits. If you read my blog thank you both from the bottom of my heart your cards have made my day. :)