Saturday, 28 September 2013

Starting over....

This week has been so hectically busy as I have returned to Uni. I forgot how long it took to get there and how tiring the journey made me.  The course is full time but we are only in Uni for two and a half days which means the remainder 25 1/2 hours study is to be done at home hence the large amount of home work. Colin does not go back to college until the beginning of October and has been a star helping me adjust by sharing the housework load bearing in mind he also works full time and then some.  He did the washing but then left me a mountain of ironing which I tackled yesterday before tackling some homework. However the star attraction of the week was this gorgeous fabric postcard I recieved from Barbara C who now lives in Spain. It is titled "the last daisy chain of summer" I love it, thank you so much Barbara and I hope we swap cards again soon.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Exciting times..

My niece Paige is off to Nottingham Trent Uni at the weekend we are all so proud of her as she worked really hard to get there.  I have made her a cushion and some bunting to help put her own stamp on her uni room. This is the first time I have made bunting and I am more than happy at the way it turned out. I gave Paige a choice of what colour bunting she would like and she chose black and white to match her bedding.  However, the cushion is a complete surprise and I am sure she will love it. I designed it today and only took a few hours to make. 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

A new toy.

A few weeks ago I purchased a Sizzix Big Shot machine. I had been drawling over one for sometime thinking it would be an asset to my crafting but on getting it home and having a few goes I was a bit disappointed.  I bought two die cutters, one being a set of various size hexagons, even though I swore I never wanted to see another hexagon after completing C&G.  However, with this machine I can cut out perfect hexagon templates every time so rather than just leaving it to collect dust, I have started making some hexagon patches in the hope that one day it will become a quilt. Unfortunately, the die cutter will not cut through fabric, not sure why maybe you need specific fabric die cutter (I need to enquire). In the meantime I am simply drawing around the next size up die template directly on to the fabric then cutting them out by hand. Its been nice having some hand sewing whilst watching the TV of an evening with Colin.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wrong E-mail....

I have just discovered that the E-mail atatched to my blog is incorrect. My email address is

Oooooo get me ........

I have created my first professionally printed pattern (with a little help from Colin I may add). Since winning at Harrogate I have been asked several times did I have a pattern for the little cot quilt, which the answer was no sorry I haven't. However, after the third or possibly fourth time I was asked, I decided it was time to write one up. It took me a few days as well as a phone call to a friend for a little bit of guidance and encouragement (Sue L thank you so much) and I had created the pattern. Several sheets of A2 paper later and I had managed to draw all the applique pieces. Over to Colin who took a photo of the quilt, converted the pattern into A5 booklet in photo shop. (Note to self: Susan stop being a techno scaredy cat and master photo shop).  Then off to a printers yesterday to have the A2 image template printed, another printers today for the booklets and voila I have my first professional pattern ready to sell.  If anybody would like to purchase "The Balloon" pattern please e-mail me. The price of the pattern is £5.00 plus £1.00 for postage and packaging UK only.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Prizes from Harrogate.

I have to say I am still in a state of shock with regards to winning at Harrogate. Even more so when I was presented with a sewing machine (Janome XR23) on Sunday. I would like to thank my sister Natalie and my daughter Michaela who came with me to the award ceromony, it meant so much to me being able to share my success with them. Also a big a thank you to all the people who have congratulated me and sent me lovely comments via facebook, my blog and in person.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

I don't believe it?????

Theme its an Illusion, my entry "illusion".

Cot Quilt category, my entry "The Balloon".
I received a phone call on Friday morning from my good friend Janet with the most unexpected news ever. Janet told me I had won not just once but twice in Harrogate, I had been out all day Thursday and must have missed the call from the exhibitors. I was in a complete state of shock. I still did not believe it until I was actually there yesterday and saw it with my own eyes, I won first in the theme category and first in the cot quilt category.  I am amazed that the judges really liked my quilts and deemed them as winners. I had a fabulous day, as always, at the show yesterday with my friends Janet, Sue and Emma as well as catching up with other friends near and far. An added bonus when we got there we discovered that Sue was awarded third place in the theme. We are so pleased for her as her quilt "African Dream" was simply stunning. Today I am going back to the show to the award ceremony with my sister and my daughter. Sadly Colin is unable to take time off but he is so happy for me. It is a lovely thing that has happened and the fact that I have been able to share it with friends and family is so wonderful.I am truly truly blessed.