Saturday, 14 September 2013

A new toy.

A few weeks ago I purchased a Sizzix Big Shot machine. I had been drawling over one for sometime thinking it would be an asset to my crafting but on getting it home and having a few goes I was a bit disappointed.  I bought two die cutters, one being a set of various size hexagons, even though I swore I never wanted to see another hexagon after completing C&G.  However, with this machine I can cut out perfect hexagon templates every time so rather than just leaving it to collect dust, I have started making some hexagon patches in the hope that one day it will become a quilt. Unfortunately, the die cutter will not cut through fabric, not sure why maybe you need specific fabric die cutter (I need to enquire). In the meantime I am simply drawing around the next size up die template directly on to the fabric then cutting them out by hand. Its been nice having some hand sewing whilst watching the TV of an evening with Colin.


Sue Wild said...

The thin dies don't cut through fabric, but the thicker dies embedded in foam, do cut through fabric. Hobbycraft or Cotton Patch sell the Sizzic dies for quilting. However the thin dies cut through card so would be useful for the paper shapes for Hexagons. Hope that helps

Susan said...

Hi Sue welcome to my blog. Thank you thats really helpful. Yes I've been using them for the paper templates so far I made about 100 got a bit of away to go for a quilt top. :)