Monday, 24 April 2017

Danielle Donaldson and whimsical girls.

My attempt at a water coloured whimsical girl.

One of Danielles Whimsical girls

I adore books and I recently purchased "Creative Girl" by the amazing artist Danielle Donaldson. I am in love with her beautiful water colour doodles and whimsical girls. I thought today I'd have a little play at doing my own whimiscal girl using her technique of using water colour paints. I also managed to fit it a bit of sewing but I can't share that at the moment as it is for my in the spot light challenge. All in all it has been a lovely creative day.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Lazy blogger but busy bee.

Yes finally a new post from me. I have been a very lazy blogger. The funny thing is I have been really busy being creative but lazy at blogging about it. I have done some sewing but not a lot. I have mainly been doing oooodles of doodles in A5 landscape sketch books. I just love to scribble away drawing lots of random things, some of which I have been putting on my instagram page. I find doodling so relaxing and even if you thing you can not draw just making simpole marks works to. I also did a fab work shop recently with the very talented Angie Hughes. I will take a photo of the piece I did and hopefully do another post soon. Today I thought I would share a few pages from the oooodles of doodles sketch bookbooks. X:)