Sunday, 13 December 2015

From one thing to another.

From this to.......

The brief I am currently working on is all about the forest and I intend to use tweeds, wools and  checks as well as lots of various styles of stitching.  To keep my cost low I decided to go down the road of recycling, I visited many charity shops and got a couple of nice pieces, a mans jacket, a pair womens collotes. A few friends very kindly donated various bits and bobs they thought I may be able to use. One piece that was donated was this mans coat (50% wool 50% Acrylic).  Yesterday I started to cut the coat up in preparation for one of the pieces I am making but then it turned in to this little guy. Please meet Mr Coats Solomon isn't he fab (even though I do say so myself) sadly he is not mine to keep even though I am head over heals in love with him. However, I know his new owner will think he is great too.  I seem to have a thing for rabbits but who can blame me their so cute.