Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Daughter has the shoe bug:

HEADLINE: My darling daughter has inherited my shoe gene. We are the same size shoes which is a big bonus. I have to say though my feet are a little bit broader than hers(well a lot broader actually lol). Michaela called in yesterday afternoon, she had been to town. I spotted the kurt Guiger bag straight away? Out came the black pair of shoes WOW! Next she showed me the blue pair, these she bought from New Look, another big Wow from me. Michaela then decided to model each pair of shoes and as she was about to put the blue pair on discovered they were two right feet. Well! you can imagine, she was mortified, but we also laughed at the funny side. Two minutes later shoes back in the box, on the phone to Ian to pick her up and straight back to town. She got a pair and all is well in the world of new shoes. I think the blue ones are my favorites. Me thinks I may have to borrow these for Birmingham!!!!

Tea Towels, Table Runner & A Give Away:

Last Sunday the weather was glorious, so I jumped in the car and drove to Southport. I had a great day strolling in and out of shops. I treated my self to a bag of chips and walked along the pier. After this I went to one of my favorite shops (Dunelm Mill)for a bit of craft retail therapy. I bought two 100% cotton tea towels £1.00 each and a table runner to match £1.99. Straight away I thought tote bag. I have enough fabric over to make another one. So I am going to have my very first give away. To win a little black dress tote bag please leave a comment and next Tuesday I will pick a winner at random.

Pin Pig:

My sister ,niece and I, all went to Liverpool One a couple weeks ago. Natalie needed to buy an outfit for a formal dinner she is attending whilst on a cruise, later this year. We were in John Lewis's fabric department (I was ooooooing and wowwwwwing at all the pretty things)when Paige spotted this little pig. I fell in love with him straight away, so I hinted to Paige that he wanted to come home with me. She took the hint and here he is. Originally he came with only two pins, I have added the rest. He has settled in quite nicely next to Windy on the windowsill.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Creative Shoes:

My lastest shoe purchase inspired me to create this postcard. I decided to design a shoe stitcherie for my next one to one swap for Postcard Pizzazz. I then added a bit of shading with my fantastix dyes (thanks Janet). It turned out pretty good and it was quick to make.

New shoes:

These are my latest new shoes. Aren't they gorgeous. I am not a handbag girl, I am most definitely a shoe girl. I don't think you can have to many shoes. I have to say that I have curbed my shoe purchases since married life, but DH would most definitely disagree. To which I would reply "darling when we met I owned 20 pairs of shoes and then some as opposed to now, I only own 11".

Sunday, 5 April 2009

My Art work in an E-book:

This is the fabric post card I made for a valentines competition in a magazine called Fibre Arts. No I did not win (no surprise there then lol) but my card is posted in the valentines 2009 fibre Arts e-book. To see my card and the many other entrants go to the following web site http://www.fiberarts.com/valentines/valentines-2009.asp

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Friends Old and New:

Quote "Of all the things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, much the greatest possession of friendship". Epicurus.
This post is to say hello, welcome and thank you to the lovely ladies who follow my blog. Welcome Babs hope you enjoy my tittle tattle and art work I think we may have met at the NEC briefly? Hello to Hillary G thanks you checking out the blog hope you were not disappointed. A big thank you to Jan, Kath, Ross, Shirley and Gwen for your constant support and lovely comments. And last but not least to my peekers Janet and Sue I think the world of you both.

Starry night:

This is a picture of my Starry Night quilt. The pattern came from a book called Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts. It was relatively easy to piece but it was by know means quick. I machine quilted stars all over the quilt, it felt like it took forever. I had to limit myself to machine quilting for one hour each day. I was delighted with the end result. I was going to say sadly it did not win any rosettes at the Harrogate show but that did not matter. It was what happened to the quilt that far outweighed any rosettes. I gave the quilt to my niece Paige because I had been promising her a blue quilt for her bed. (She is more of a blue chic, than a pink lady). She adores it, it is very muched loved and is very well used. I love the feeling I get when I see either Paige or my nephew Harvey cocooned in its fold watching T.V. It was her comforter when she was poorly a little while back. So you see it was a big winner after all.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Lady sings the blues:

A few weeks ago I was cleaning my sewing room (never ending job) and I came across all the left over pieces of blue fabrics from my Starry Night quilt I made last year and entered in Harrogate. Normally I would give my scraps of fabric to my friend Lorraine in the liverbirds. I loath to throw anything away especially crafty notions, one crafters rubbish is another crafters treasure and all that. This time I decided to use the scraps myself and make a scrap quilt of my own design. I thought it would be easier to use the medallion method to make my quilt. Once I had got as far as the applique boarder I felt the quilt top was finished so it is a nice lap size quilt. The quilt is called lady sings the blues because I played my favorite songs and I sang along to them as I made this quilt.

Journal quilts:

Some of us at the Liverbirds are making journal quilts. I have finally got arround to taking photos of my journal quilts for January and February and I can now post them here on my blog. I have hand dyed the fabric in a colour relating to something significant that has happened during that particular month. January I was full of cold for several weeks hence the blue colour. February Colin and I went to the Lake District for my birthday. It is so green the lake district even in the middle of winter. The little white embriodery knots represent Wasdale sheep. Can you spot the black one?