Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Daughter has the shoe bug:

HEADLINE: My darling daughter has inherited my shoe gene. We are the same size shoes which is a big bonus. I have to say though my feet are a little bit broader than hers(well a lot broader actually lol). Michaela called in yesterday afternoon, she had been to town. I spotted the kurt Guiger bag straight away? Out came the black pair of shoes WOW! Next she showed me the blue pair, these she bought from New Look, another big Wow from me. Michaela then decided to model each pair of shoes and as she was about to put the blue pair on discovered they were two right feet. Well! you can imagine, she was mortified, but we also laughed at the funny side. Two minutes later shoes back in the box, on the phone to Ian to pick her up and straight back to town. She got a pair and all is well in the world of new shoes. I think the blue ones are my favorites. Me thinks I may have to borrow these for Birmingham!!!!


jan said...

Hi Susan,
Oh my word, to think I used to be able to strut my stuff in shoes like these. Now its down to 'granny types'. :-(
I shall look for the shoes at Birmingham hee hee. lol Jan xx

Kath said...

OO-er, I can feel my vertigo coming on LOL better stick to my DM's ha ha Kath x

Maggie R said...

OMG The shoes are gorgeous.. I use to wear heels once....sigh!!
I am a shoe nut and last count was over 300 pairs!! I had to get rid of some unfortunately.. I did save some special pairs tho and will post them on my blog later.. DH is asleep right now so I better not go fishing in the closet...!!