Monday, 13 April 2009

New shoes:

These are my latest new shoes. Aren't they gorgeous. I am not a handbag girl, I am most definitely a shoe girl. I don't think you can have to many shoes. I have to say that I have curbed my shoe purchases since married life, but DH would most definitely disagree. To which I would reply "darling when we met I owned 20 pairs of shoes and then some as opposed to now, I only own 11".


jan said...

Only 11. Come on girl. Get shopping.

Kath said...

I'd like to see you running for the bus in those LOL

Susan said...

I know jan, just 11 how shocking is that lol.

Hey Kath I danced my legs off in these shoes last Saturday night. Although i found they made me walk home quite wobbly lol.

Maggie R said...

OMG More beauties to make me drool!!