Thursday, 2 April 2009

Journal quilts:

Some of us at the Liverbirds are making journal quilts. I have finally got arround to taking photos of my journal quilts for January and February and I can now post them here on my blog. I have hand dyed the fabric in a colour relating to something significant that has happened during that particular month. January I was full of cold for several weeks hence the blue colour. February Colin and I went to the Lake District for my birthday. It is so green the lake district even in the middle of winter. The little white embriodery knots represent Wasdale sheep. Can you spot the black one?


jan said...

Brilliant Journals Susan, well done to you. I am stuck on my little so and sos. lol jan xx

Kath said...

They're so pretty Susan, how big are they? Kath x

Susan said...

Hi Jan and Kath, thank you once again for your comments they mean a lot. The joural quilts are A4 size. Love Susan xx