Saturday, 30 January 2016

Imagery, food for the creative soul.

My inspiration board so far.

An isolated section in portrait.

Another isolated section in landscape.
A couple of post ago, I showed a photo of my inspiration board but I didn't elaborate on how it came about. I am a big fan of Linda and Laura Kemshalls work, I subscribe to their Design Matters TV channel.  In a recent video Laura introduce the concept of having a idea wall or inspiration board as a good starting point to create, generate or inspire new pieces of work.  The principle is to collect anything that grabs your attention, it can be very random or based on a theme but basically pretty much anything goes. I thought this was a great idea so I bought a big cork board, cleared a space on a wall that I had easy access to in my sewing room and TA-DA here is my board so far. I like to think of it as my visual food for thought board. Over the last few weeks I have done exactly what it says on the tin, pin random images that appeal to me. These images have come from magazines, books journals and pintrest and randomly pinned on the board. However, it is surprising that even though they were picked randomly and pinned randomly I can see patterns emerging. For example there is a lot of blues and greys on the board. Aswell as text and script, so I am discovering more about my subconscious creativity.  If someone asked me whats your colour I would have said red maybe pink and yet there are only tiny splash of pink and no red to be seen. I am finding it all very interesting.  I think I have embarked on a very exciting Journey with Laura as the tour guide and I am looking forward to the next destination.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Exceeding ones goals.

Flower Basket
Northern Lights

Old Windmill
This morning I have managed to make three Farmers Wife quilt blocks.  I have been making my blocks by machine but the book is aimed at English paper piecing technique. So far I have picked out the blocks that could be converted to machine sewing. However, I think there will come a time that I have to revert to paper piecing.  I am not opposed to paper piecing I am just not very good at it. Mind you don't look to closely at my last block "Old Windmill" you might get the impression I am not very good at machine piecing either. :0

Monday, 18 January 2016

Better late than never?

The two books I am currently working from.

Todays completed block "Big Dipper"

New inspiration board in my sewing room.
Firstly a very happy new year to those of you who still occasionally drop by the blog in the vague hope that I have posted.  The latter part of 2016 was a blur as I concentrated on getting all my work done for the hand in day which was 12 January.  That work is now in the process of being marked and whilst that is happening I am enjoying some very much needed time off until the madness begins again on the 26th January.  I read my friend Lin's post a few days ago in which she talks about finishing of projects she had started but then put aside, one being her Dear Jane blocks. Some of you may or may not remember I started a Farmers Wife quilt but I only managed to do a few blocks before they got shoved in a drawer and forgot about. Inspired by Lin's post and a good spring clean of my sewing room, I dug out said blocks of which I had 11. I decided to set my self a challenge to make a least two farmers wife blocks each day until I go back to uni.  However, before I did this I had already pulled out the book Anni Downs Book Some Kind of Wonderful and had raced a head and made two of the blocks for the quilt "My Favourite Things".  So the challenge now is at least two farmers wife blocks and one of my favourite thing blocks per day! Today is day two of my challenge and so far I have met my goal of two farmers wife blocks each day and have even managed to make 3 favourite things blocks with a fourth a work in progress. I hope to at least finish my favourite things quilt top before the 26th January. X:)