Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Surprise post:

I received a fantastic surprise in the post today. This lovely A4 note book from my friend Janet Mc. The cover is lots of shoes, I love it to bits. Thank you so much Janet for such a wonderful gift.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Tuesdays to do list:

Tuesday was a very busy day. I decided I was going to write a list of things I must do and cross each one off as I completed them. I even included some house work on the list. Although in between each chore was a craft project that was to be finished. The first crafty thing was finish baby cardigan and hat. I then moved on to the fabric postcard swaps had not realised I had recently signed up for several. These four postcards are for a word mingle swap. In the group (Fabricards)there is a list of words you can put your name next to a word (only one word)when five people have each added there name to a word, the swap is closed and five new words are added to the list. You then make each off the other four people a postcard using the word that you have chosen. In return I will receive a postcard from each of the other people depicting the words they have chosen. Well as you can imagine the list of word was endless but for some unknown reason, the word I picked was UMBRELLA. As I was making my umbrella cards it started raining! Now how spooky is that?

T-shirt transfer paper:

I wanted to transfer some pictures on to fabric but I did not have a clue how to achieve this. I read in a magazine that to do this you needed transfer paper? The only transfer paper I could find was T-shirt transfer paper in WH Smith. It is a bit to stiff to use in quilts but for my fabric post cards it is great. Here is a postcard I made for a 1-2-1 swap. I transferred the image of the shoes from a box Michaela bought me for my b'day. I embellished the shoes with red beads. I really like the finished results. It is also very good for printing phrases and word art from the computer. It took me a little while to find out how you managed to print the word back to front??? oh Yes I had a few whoops.lol

Millie Jo's cardigan and hat:

My sisters friend Stacy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday, her name is Millie Jo. Stacy already knew she was having a girl so my sister asked me (months ago may I add) to knit the baby a cardigan set. I have not knitted for a very long time and was quite reluctant. Then when Michaela anounced her pregnancy Natalie knew the needles and wool would be out. I started knitting Millie Jo's cardigan weeks ago, then I put it down half finished and just never got around to picking it back up. However, I knew Stacy was due in the next couple of weeks, so on Tuesday I finshed knitting the cardigan and hat. The very next morning Natalie rang to say Stacy had given birth, mother and baby were both fine. Now how about that for timing lol.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

And the Winner:

Is JAN Congratulations. I will pop your little black dress tote bag in the post one day this week. I also have a runner up who will receive a small tote bag and the runner up is Noel. Noel could you e-mail me your address I will pop your little bag in the post this week. I had six lovely ladies who entered my first give away and I would like to thank them all for commenting.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Hello and Welcome:

Hello to Hillary and Maggie R. Hillary congrats you left a comment on my blog, I am impressed.lol Maggie R welcome to my blog. Wow! 300 pairs of shoes! phew! What a lucky girl you are, I am so envious. lol

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Aintree stitch and craft show:

On Saturday 25 April I visited the Aintree craft and stitch show. I met some wonderful people. One of the people I met was a lovely lady called Jayne Saunders who was demonstrating, how to create beautiful effects with a type or pearlesences powder and a set of stamps. I noticed Jayne had a little badge on saying,I make ATC (Artist Trade Cards)would you like to swap. I explained to Jayne that I make fabric post cards but I had also participated in a few QTC (Quilters Trade Cards)swaps. Jayne said she had not heard of a QTC before or a fabric postcard so I offered to send her one of each. In return Jayne gave me one of her ATC's (see picture) isn't it lovely. When I got home from the show I set to work and popped a QTC and Fabric postcard in the Mail the following Monday. I hoped Jayne liked them just as much as I liked her ATC.

Natalie's cruise gown:

My sister Natalie is going on a cruise with the in-laws later this year. One evening of the cruise will be to attend the captain dinner, for which Natalie needs an evening wear outfit. After a very unsuccessful shopping trip to Liverpool it was decided that an outfit would have to be made. Here is all the paraphernalia we purchased for said outfit. So I have set aside my Grandma's country album quilt I commence with the task of making Natalie's outfit.

Thank you:

Hello to reflections of life (sorry you did not leave your name), Rosa, Pat B and Trudy thank you all for leaving a comment on my first give away. also a big thank you for following my little blog.