Thursday, 7 May 2009

Millie Jo's cardigan and hat:

My sisters friend Stacy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday, her name is Millie Jo. Stacy already knew she was having a girl so my sister asked me (months ago may I add) to knit the baby a cardigan set. I have not knitted for a very long time and was quite reluctant. Then when Michaela anounced her pregnancy Natalie knew the needles and wool would be out. I started knitting Millie Jo's cardigan weeks ago, then I put it down half finished and just never got around to picking it back up. However, I knew Stacy was due in the next couple of weeks, so on Tuesday I finshed knitting the cardigan and hat. The very next morning Natalie rang to say Stacy had given birth, mother and baby were both fine. Now how about that for timing lol.


Kath said...

What a pretty outfit, I'm sure her Mum will be thrilled with it! Kathx

jan said...

What a multi talented girl you are Susan, I can only sew. This little jacket is so cute.