Wednesday, 26 February 2014

No batteries......

Gorgeous postcard from Paige.

Fabric coil basket.
I am sorry for my lack of blogging but the truth is I have had no batteries in my camera and I kept forgetting to buy some. however today they where top of my shopping list. So a quick catch up with what I've been doing over the last few weeks. I had a moment of madness and decided to reorganise and decorate my sewing room. Not the best idea when you have a stack of work to do for uni and the deadlines are looming. It too three days to complete this wall over a period of a week. I have decided the other half of the room will have to wait till the summer holidays. It didn't stay neat and tidy like this for long the desk is now covered in sketchbooks, paints, pencils and lots of printed out images of Beetles and Skyscrapers. Yep uni homework. Today I received this gorgeous postcard from my beautiful niece Paige. I try to make and send her a fabric postcard each week but sadly I have not managed to do this for a couple of weeks now. However, she decided to send one to me how nice is that. Finally, one of the briefs I am working on at the minute is baskets. I have to make three non-traditional baskets and this is my first attempt at a fabric coiled basket. I have used my lovely hand dyed fabrics and a variegated rayon thread to stitch it all together. I think it turned out rather well. If I still have any readers thanks for your patience at my lack of posting and for following my blog. X:)

Sunday, 9 February 2014


So funny!
Helen from Uni posted this on face book and I though my sewing room is in a constant state of crafermath. However, on Friday it was a case of homeworkermath after ten hours of Uni homework.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Looking for a Pen?

New pen case.

A little while back I realised I needed another pencil case for all my Biro's, as I often find myself  rummaging at the bottom of my bag looking for a pen.  Now I know there are lots of different styles and types of pencil caes on the high street and I contemplated a few but couldn't decide which one to buy. However, during this contemplation a little thought popped in my head " why didn't I just make my own"? I knew immediately the fabric I was going to use, my gorgeous shoe fat quarter I got as a gift from my fab friend Hilary a few years back when I was not able to go to the NEC FOQ. I found a perfect zip at the bottom of my ribbon draw and "Viola" my neat little pen case emerged.  I love it and I am no longer rummaging for a pen at the bottom of my bag. I also think they would make nice little stocking filler gifts.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Oh I do like to be beside the sea side.........

The photographer.

Crosby Marina.
even on a day like today when the wind was blowing mad, the clouds gathered and threatened to explode, then down came the rain.  Colin said he was off the Crosby Marina to take some photos and I decided to go with him. I love the sea front, hail, rain or shine it always lifts my spirits. Today I loved the noise the waves made as they crashed onto the rocks. The cry of the birds as they battled to fly in the mighty winds and the embracing fresh air that stung my face on this very cold day. Even though I was wrapped up, with my winter woollies, it was bitterly cold at the waters edge. We didn't stay very long as the conditions where not right apparently for the shot Colin wanted to take.  However, I'm glad i went with him as I thoroughly enjoyed are little trip to the seaside  and it certainly blew the cobwebs away.