Friday, 31 January 2014

A bit of this, a bit of that....

Homemade little sketch book made from tracker bar boxes and covered with different pieces of recycled paper.

A peek inside.

Oooo and here's another peek inside, a funky bird owl.

First attempt at Basket weaving.

Fabric postcard for my niece Paige.

I thought I'd show you my homemade little sketchbook I made as part of the book binding brief in uni. We had to make three books, one traditional and two non-traditional book. We then had to chose one of the non-traditional and use it as a personal sketchbook.  I made this little book from the empty boxes of tracker bars. The signature are all made using my handmade papers and recycled papers and envelopes. I have picked random pages and added stamps, doodles and little quirky illustrations. I am looking forward to continuing to add to this as the months pass. Yesterday we had a tutorial on basket making. Mine started off fine but then it kind of took on a life of its own and caused a ripple of laughter through out the group.  Today I have made two fabric post cards in between house work. One for Mary my FMQ partner on FB and this little lady for my niece Paige. I think this is one of my favourite fabric post cards I've ever made. I hope she likes it to.

Friday, 24 January 2014

I got Mail....

This beautiful card is from Carolyn all the way from South Africa.

This one is from Janet McE, Dec theme "where I live".

Private swap with Janet theme "Mythical"

My "Mythical" Postcard I sent to Janet.
I got three fabulous postcard in the mail today. The first one is all the way from South Africa and its the first swap for 2014.  Carolyn who sent the card tells me that the weather there is very hot and decided to send me a sunny card. I think its great, I only wish I was sitting on one of those chairs right now with a nice iced drink. The second card is from my lovely friend Janet McE, December swap, which was themed "Where I live". Jan lives in Northampton and apparently it is famous for shoes. Well being a shoe girl myself I fell in love with this gorgeous strappy gold number she made, just for me.  The third card was also from Jan as we decided to so a little private swap this year between the two of us. I chose the theme "Mythical" and Jan did not disappoint with this amazing machine threaded painted Phoenix.  As you can see I chose a Mermaid, swimming in the deep blue sea. I adore making fabric postcards they are quick and fun to do.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lazy days whizzing by.....

"Rainbow Goddess" Postcard to Paige.

"Twit Twoo" Postcard to Liz.

Lovely book by Suzi Blu.
Oh dear! where is January going? I had lots of things I planned to do during my time off but so far I have managed to make three fabric postcards and that's it. I have lazed the days away doing housework and then plonking myself in front of the TV or you tube.  I love watching you tube creative videos, my favourite's are Leliani Joy as I adore her illustrated girls and anything art journaly (not sure journaly is a word but you get my drift). I even bought this delightful book as I am trying to teach myself how to draw girls by a talented artist called Suzi Blu. However, I need to stop watching and wishing I could do that and get back into being creative, so today I am going to grab some pencils and a sketch book and let the creativity flow.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A new year and new Pencils.

A very happy new year to all my lovely readers. I can not believe it is the 8th January already scary or what?  It was back to uni for me this week, working hard preparing for the assessment on Monday 13th. However, its not been all work I did manage to fit in a bit of retail therapy last Friday. Hubby and I went to Aintree retail park and popped into Dunelm Mill where I buy my cotton. They have the tiniest craft section and I always have to have a nose. This time I got a real bargain 24 Derwent Pastel Pencils £14.99 half price in the sale. Now I am not a big fan of pastels,which are normally in blocks not pencils, mainly because I'm not really sure how to use them. I find them cumbersome and awkward.  Oh joy of joys this is so not the case with these pastel pencils, I am totally smitten. Here is my attempt at a pomegranate and I am so pleased with it. I have also drawn an onion and again the pencils are lovely to work with. I just need to buy some fixative as pastels tend to smudge, you can use hairspray, which I did but ran out last night.