Saturday, 19 August 2017

Ok body, I'm listening!

Wednesday: Umbrella instillation in Church Alley.

Umbrella Shadows

Thursday: Freebie chest of drawers.

Red Work

Friday: Colourful stitchery.

Mmm! Nannies cup cakes!

Saturday: Hexi quilt and TV therapy.
I can't believe it's already been a week since the launch of my website and my amazing trip to the festival of quilts.  I came home with my head buzzing with even more ideas for future projects and was looking forward to all the creative things I was going to do this week. However, you know the saying, "best laid plans"? Well I certainly did not plan on coming home from work on Sunday feeling rather unwell, to wake up Monday with a head cold that continued to develop into a chest infection that has really knocked me off my feet.  I spent Monday and Tuesday flitting between the couch, the sewing room and my bed. Needless to say not a lot of creativity was achieved.  Wednesday saw me at the Doctors and armed with antibiotics and pain killers I ventured into Liverpool City Centre for some much needed fresh air.  The umbrella instillation in Church Alley is to raise awareness of ADHD.  The sun was out as I walked under the instillation and I loved the shadows the brollies made on the pavement. They reminded me of patchwork hexagons.  Feeling a little better by Thursday (yey for the antibiotics) I decided to embark on a summer clear out of my sewing room.  I managed to empty and remove 10 of the plastic stackable drawers and put their contents into the freebie chest of drawers. Notice in the photo two of said 10 drawers with their contents, which have still got to be sorted and put away.  Believe it or not this took me hours to do and by the time I finished I was exhausted.  Later that night I managed to do a bit of doodling which turned into a little stitchery.  Friday was a continuous coughing day.  I noticed my husband had put cough mixture on our shopping list! I think he was trying to tell me something?  I had a little visitor Friday afternoon, although he is not so little anymore, my gorgeous grandson Cole. We managed to make a batch of scrummy yummy cup cakes which I had to keep supervising from a distance in between coughing fits.  Its now Saturday and I have finally given into my aching body. So today, I am going to sit on the couch with hand sewn hexi quilt, watch TV and rest. 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Festival of quilts 2017.

"My Liverpool Home"

Mr Stuart Hillard

My "Eleanor Stuart" quilt.

Margaret and Andrew Beal.

Annabel Rainbow, Laura Kemshall, me and Linda Kemshall.

Yesterday I visited the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham NEC and oh boy what a whirl wind of a visit it was.  My first port of call was to the "In the spot Light Exhibition" to see my quilt "My Liverpool Home". There I met the lovely Rosemary Preece who has been my go between regarding this exhibition.  As you can see from the fab photo, I met Stuart Hillard, who is such a tonic.  He very kindly took a few minutes out of signing his new book, to hear all about my Eleanor Stuart quilt.  This was inspired by his log cabin quilt that I saw when I heard him speak at regional day in October 2016.  This quilt will soon become available as a pattern on my new website so please keep an eye out for it.  I caught up with some people I already knew and also made quite a few new friends.  I chatted away to the very talented Gillian Travis and her friend Fiona such lovely ladies. A quick hello to Jennie Rayment, then I popped over to Margaret Beals stall. I became a fan of Margaret's work many years ago when I read an article in Stitch magazine.  I was fortunate to meet her at  FOQ and purchased her book, some felt piece and a soldering iron.  I always stop by to say hi to her and he husband, Andrew, such a great couple who always make me feel welcome. Last but not least my trip would not be complete if I did not drop by to say hi to my beautiful FOQ friends Laura and Linda kemshall.  Again I met Laura and Linda a few years back at FOQ and at the time I was such a big fan of their work, I was completely in awe when I met them in person. However, they chatted away to me and made me feel like we had known each other for ages.  Yesterday was no exception when I popped along to their stand TG9 to say hello and see their amazing exhibition "Through Our Hands a Portrait Shuffle" hosted by Laura and Annabel,. Well done ladies on a fabulous exhibition.   Finally, I'd like to say a big thank you to all the people who took the time to chat to me and if you took a business card, please drop by my website or my facebook page or even find me on instagram and say hello. X:)

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Count down to website launch.

My new business cards.

Alice 1

Mad Hatter

Alice 2
My website goes live on Friday 11th August I am so excited but a little nervous at the same time but I have had the most amazing support from family and friends it has been overwhelming. I am truly blessed to have such fantastic positive people in my life, thank you all for the good wishes you have sent me for my launch.

Last week my new business cards arrived, I am so happy with them. I have been handing them out as a way of promoting my website.  During the week I met a lovely lady Delia Brady-Jacobs the proprietor of  Hobo Kiosk, fab vintage shop in Liverpool Baltic Triangle.  Delia very kindly gave me a beautiful woollen skirt which will eventually make a gorgeous rabbit. She also gave me a little set of Alice in wonderland stamped images on pieces of fabric. I wanted to thank Delia for her gifts so I came home and made her these three small canvas textile collages using the fabric stamped images. This was way out my comfort zone but I really enjoyed making them and Delia loved her unexpected gift. 

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Getting there slowly.

Tweeking then tweeking again, writting up patterns.

Tada two patterns complete and my business cards.

Girls Toys and Boys Toys quilts

Museum day with my gorgeous little guy.
I can not believe it is August already! Er hello, where did July go! Well I guess thats what happens when you are so busy building your little empire and by that I mean my website. Although with that said Colin has done all the website hard work, I have been busy creating new designs.  I think the launch date will be very soon but we still have quite a few things to do before I can comfirm a date. I have a date in mind just not sure its achievable.  On Sunday we spent most of the day writting up the patterns. I would like to thank my lovely friends Janet Mc, Hillary and Peter K these have been my red pen peeps, proof reading my patterns and their help and advice has been amazing.

I did however, manage to take time out of the sewing room on Thursday and went off to the Museum of Liverpool with my gorgeous grandson Cole. We took our sketch books and pencils, we did lots of drawings of the fish in the aquaruim then up to Ancient Egypt where we took lots of photos. I had a fabulous day and it was good to get out. Well folks better get back to the never ending to do list and first on the list today is boring house work. x:(

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Taking the plunge.

Paige on her Graduation day.

Girls Toys and Boys Toys.

Quilting my latest quilt.
A peak in the sketch book showing some doodles and ideas for my circus quilt.

I took a little time out at the beginning of the week to attend my beautiful niece, Paige Jones graduation at Nottingham Trent University.  She graduated with a First Class Honours degree in International Law. We are all so proud of her and it was a great couple of days with glorious sunshine.

It is a true saying time flys when your having fun.  I have been enjoying a burst of creativity, drawing, researching, designing and making new quilts and the days are flying by.  I can not get the ideas out of my head fast enough, into my sketchbooks. then made into a quilt or doll, fabric postcard etc, it can be a little exhausting and there is never enough time.  Mind you I am not complaining, creativity is a very fragile thing and can disappear in the blink of an eye, so I am making the most of it.  It has come at a great time as I will be launching my very own website soon. I am so excited, as well as a little nervous, as it is a big thing to put not only your work but yourself as a artist out there.  I am truly blessed to have an amazing husband, who has created the website for me. He also takes the photographs of my pieces and transforms my patterns in photo shop, yep I am a lucky girl.  I have a fantastic family and friends who have not only given me great feedback but their support, which means so much to me. If you would like to take a sneak peak at my website please go to:         

I hope you enjoy your visit and please leave a comment as they are always appreciated. X:)

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Much needed therapy.

A selection of sketchbooks I am working in at the minute.

A glimpse of whats inside as they can be quite differant from one to another.

Over the last few weeks I have been enjoying the most amazing burst of creativity. It has been keeping me on my toes designing and making new quilts, one of which I am hoping will be entered into the Great Northern quilt show Harrogate in September.  Sadly this journey came to an abrupt stop over the weekend when I fell ill and had to visit A&E with suspected gall stones. I am pleased to say it was not gall stones and whilst I need further investigations it looks like it may have been a bad gastric bug. Thankfully I am feeling lots better but its amazing how being physically ill had a knock on affect to my mental health. I found I could not concentrate and my imagination that beforehand was over flowing with ideas was jumbled, confused and almost lost. It made me more upset than the pain I was in until yesterday, when I decided to pick up a pencil and opened my sketch book.  It was slow going at first but 24 hours later and boy I am on a roll again. I know some people think you have to be able to draw to keep a sketch book but that is simply not true. I am encouraging my 7 year old grandson to keep one at the moment and as far as I know he is really enjoying it. Some people keep a diary or a journal maybe even a book of notes or ideas, what ever works for you is whats best. I just love to doodle and this is often done sitting on the couch whilst my husband is watching something on the telly that I am not really into. Sometimes I have an idea but can't quite draw the concept just from my imagination so I go on the internet and do some research. Some may say this is cheating but I asure you it is not as some of the best drawings come from observation and real life.  I was introduced to keeping a sketch book in 2006 as part of my City & Guilds and I have never looked back.  There are always going to be pages that you love and pages that you hate, as we all strive for perfection. However, I have over the years discovered there is always something to learn from a page that has not worked out quite the way you wanted it to. This is my therapy, my form of medication and I urge anyone who has health issues to give it a go.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Mini journal flip.

This is a mini journal I made inspired by a you tube video by Tracy Scott. I have used lots of different mixed medias and techniques to create backgrounds, then I collaged images from magazines and used them as focal points. I am a complete novice in the world of art journaling but I love it, I just need to practise more. I am really pleased with the way this mini journal book turned out, hope you all enjoy it too. X:)