Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Beach treasure finds.

My starting point Crosby beach.

The days findings

Treasures on display.

I am really quite fortunate to live so close to the Liverpool coast line and within walking distance of Crosby Marina, which is one of my favourite places.  On Saturday I felt the need to walk along the beach, feel the wind on my face, the sand between my toes and the relaxing rhythm of the sea.  However, it was not quite as idyllic as that, the weather was a constant drizzle of rain, so I did not take my shoes off and the tide was way out so I did not hear the sea and the wind was quite bracing. With all that said I had a very enjoyable two hour walk along the beach.  It is the first time I have ever walked the full length of the Anthony Gormely iron men.  Like most of us I would often pick up a pretty shell on a visit to the seaside but it wasn't until I met my beautiful friend Gill that I truly fell in love with beach combing. Gill is truly a lover of nature’s found treasures and her collections leave me breathless, as does her amazing art work which, you can see at Fishermans Path Studio. Once home I gently washed my lovely finds and left them to dry before placing them in a little craft tray box.  My favourite find of the day was the crab claw. It has the most amazing colours of rusty reds and tiny speckles of blue on it.  I am looking forward to venturing out again soon, weather permitting, to another place along the coast looking for more of natures wonderful treasures.


KaHolly said...

How lovely! Beachcombing is one of my favorite past times! Even in the drizzle! It's so restorative and easy to get lost in time and thought!

Lin said...

Your treasures look great in their display box. xx