Saturday, 17 October 2009

Cole Terrance Smith:

This is my adorable grandson Cole. I called in today and whilst I was there I was given the honour of changing a dirty nappy and feeding him an expressed bottle. What a lovely treat. Michaela and Ian are taking to being parents like ducks to water and are doing a fabulous job. So very proud of all of them.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Grandmother and Grandma's Country Album Quilt:

Yes folks, I am officially a Grandmother. Michaela gave birth to a beautiful seven pound perfectly healthy boy on Monday 12th October. His name is Cole Terrance Smith and he is adorable. It has been a very busy week to say the least so I habve not yet managed to take any pictures of Cole, I hope to do so tomorrow. Also look what I have just completed? Yes my Grandma's Country Album Quilt. Phew :) All I need to do now is save the pennies to have it long arm quilted. I am really pleased with the end result and it was a lovely quilt to make.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Rose Pincushions:

Why is it that we all have the never ending to do list and a certain amount of UFO's, yet we still manage to start a new project? This year I promised myself I was going to finish my Grandmothers Country Album quilt, I still have two borders of flying geese to attatch. My medalion quilt,(designed by my friend Janet)I am stuck on the 6th boarder. I can not decide which pattern to use or what fabric to do it in. I still have several postcard swaps to honour but can't seem to get around to making them. This morning I came into my sewing room and looked at my list of things to do and decided I was going to get stuck in. First things first, lets have a look through the fabric stash to co-ordinate the next lot of fabric for the medalion quilt. I opened my red fabric draw and what did I find, a beautiful srip of fabric with lovely roses and hearts in gold framed squares. Before I knew it, I had made three delightful pinchshions for Judy to sell at the AGM. The theme is the red Rose of Lancashire. I have another three cut out and ready to go but I think it time for a coffe break now.

Embarking on a new adventure:

Janet and I attended are very first meeting as area reps for Merseyside and West Lanc on Saturday. It was lovely to meet the other ladies who represent the rest of region 13. It was truly an eye opener to see just how much work, time and effort goes into organising regional days and area days. Our area day will take place at St Lukes church in Crosby on 7th November 2009, the guest speaker is Rosalind Johanson. I have to say that the hard work was already done for this event by the previous rep Kathy, (a truly committed and lovely rep, a hard act to follow). Janet and I only have to add a few personal touches to the day and ensure it runs smoothly. It is the next area day (7th May 2010)that will be our make or break. With that said I am sure it will be a great sucess and I look forward to meeting lots of new people during my time as joint rep with Janet.