Friday, 16 October 2009

Grandmother and Grandma's Country Album Quilt:

Yes folks, I am officially a Grandmother. Michaela gave birth to a beautiful seven pound perfectly healthy boy on Monday 12th October. His name is Cole Terrance Smith and he is adorable. It has been a very busy week to say the least so I habve not yet managed to take any pictures of Cole, I hope to do so tomorrow. Also look what I have just completed? Yes my Grandma's Country Album Quilt. Phew :) All I need to do now is save the pennies to have it long arm quilted. I am really pleased with the end result and it was a lovely quilt to make.


jan said...

Hello Granma Sue, Congratulations to you and your daughter of course. I cant believe you are a Granma, you don't look old enough.
That is going to be one spoiled little boy and quite right too. lol xxxx

Your Quilt is fabulous, well done on finishing it. Don't foget when you have had it quilted, more piks please. lol Jan xx

Kath said...

Fabulous news, Congratulations. Glad Mum and baby are doing well.
And well done, I cannot believe this fantastic quilt! So much work and it looks amazing. I hope this is one thing you will keep! Kath x

Gwen said...

At last! a grandma and a grandma's quilt in the one week! symbolic hey? you're quilt looks fabulous, can't wait to see it in the "flesh" so to speak! Well done on both! love Gwen x