Friday, 27 November 2009

Journal and bookmark:

Well I did say I could feel a journal cover being made from the left over viole and here it is. I also made a lovely bookmarker with the off cut to go with the journal.

Table Runner:

Firstly let me say I am sorry I have not blogged for a little while, I have not had anything completed to show or blog about. However, I have been sewing like mad all week but i just feel like I am getting no where. Today I managed to make this Christmas red Viole table runner for my sisters mother-in-law. I really hope she likes it. Viole is such a silky fabric its is tricky to work with, still its done now phew! Mmmmmmm??? I can feel some journel covers coming on with the left overs.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

A surprise visit:

Look who came to visit me this afternoon. Michaela and Ian called in on their way home from town. What a lovely surprise to see me little man. Dosn't he look fab with his little beanie hat and mittens on. A proper little dude. lol

A taste of Africa:

Saturday 7th November was our area day and it was a great success. The speaker was Rosalind Johannson and she talked about her experiences and textiles of Africa. It was truly interesting and her worked reflected the colours and cultures of a country that has been through so much through the years. In the afternoon Rosalind taught a work shop making a wall hanging using African fabrics. Whilst I did not participate in the work shop due to other commitments. I did take the hand out and purchased the pack of fabrics. i had a brain wave when i got home I was going to make my own interpretation and instead of a wall hanging I would make it my journal quilt for November. Two birds with one stone hey. The picture of the African person I copied from a scrap of fabric I begged from Hiedi. I made my own stencil and using fabric paint stenciled the image to the cream fabric. I enjoyed making this little piece of work but best of all I had a great day Saturday and I am so looking forward to our next area day in May 2010.

Its a boy and free motion quilting:

This is my journal quilt for October. I really thought that I would enjoy making these journal quilts but I have to say they have been quite a chore. However, I only have one more to make (December) and I have completed the year. On this particular one I practised my machine free motion quilting and I have to say it is my best attempt so far. It is true what they say practise practise practise and the results soon pay off. I also decided to do my own stitchery for this journal. I am a avid follower of Leanne Beasley (Leannes House) and Natalie Lymer (cinderberry Stitches), both Australian ladies create the most fantastic sticheries and there stiches are so precise. I adore their work if you get a chance check out there blogs.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

I've started so I'll finish:

Oh dear What a mess. A few weeks ago I was having a penguin day (a day when you walk around the house flapping not knowing what to do with yourself)when I suddenly decided to make a Christmas quilt. I quickly scanned all my Country Threads and Homespun Christmas issues for inspiration and found a quilt I liked and looked relatively quick to make. I had decided in advance that this was going to be made from my Christmas fabric stash and no matter what I was not going to purchase any to make this quilt. I cut out all the necessary patches and began to sew. Oh this was going to be a walk in the park and I would have it finished for Saturday 7 November, to take to our area day for Show and tell. Once I had finished sewing all the blocks and began laying out the design I discovered I did not like the stars being made using various fabrics. I decided I wanted each of my stars to be of the same fabric. So some juggling about, more cutting of triangles and some unpicking, I have changed the quilt top slightly but it is now taken a lot longer than expected. Also I have run out of the white fabric which is a serious nooooooo, so a trip to town today is called for. With all that said I love the quilt and although it won't be finished in time for Saturday, it will be finished for Christmas. Fingers crossed lol.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ding Ding move along the bus please:

Happy Birthday to my lovely sister Natalie who is 35 today. Here we are having fun last week in Teneriffe. What a fantastic holiday we all had. I have not laughed so much in such a long time. This time was no exception. How we all fitted into the bus was hysterical. Plus the picture does me no justice what so ever. I mean were did all those chins come from. There was a Spanish security guard watching us and his face was a straight as a poker player. God only knows what he was thinking while two grown over weight woman and a teenager squashed themselves into a childs fair ground ride. This picture makes me laugh so much so i have decided to have a give away. Leave me a caption for the picture. Mine was "Ding Ding move along the bus please". I will put all the captions I receive in a hat in two weeks and send the lucky winner a prize. Good luck everyone xxxxx

Life long friends:

Meet my life long friend Christine. We have been friends since the very first day of senior school (September 1979). Chris came and flat sat for me whilst I was on holiday. It was only today that I realised we have been friends for 30 years this year. I am truly blessed to have her in my life, we have shared so much together over those thirty years and our friendship has stood the test of time. I love you lots Chris but not enough to look after the farm you made me on farmville lmao xxxx

Mummies Little Pumpkin, Nannies Butternut Squash:

Just look at my little man, going to his very first Halloween party. Isn't her fab all dressed up in his little pumpkin outfit. He was three weeks old yesterday he is doing absolutely great.