Thursday, 5 November 2009

I've started so I'll finish:

Oh dear What a mess. A few weeks ago I was having a penguin day (a day when you walk around the house flapping not knowing what to do with yourself)when I suddenly decided to make a Christmas quilt. I quickly scanned all my Country Threads and Homespun Christmas issues for inspiration and found a quilt I liked and looked relatively quick to make. I had decided in advance that this was going to be made from my Christmas fabric stash and no matter what I was not going to purchase any to make this quilt. I cut out all the necessary patches and began to sew. Oh this was going to be a walk in the park and I would have it finished for Saturday 7 November, to take to our area day for Show and tell. Once I had finished sewing all the blocks and began laying out the design I discovered I did not like the stars being made using various fabrics. I decided I wanted each of my stars to be of the same fabric. So some juggling about, more cutting of triangles and some unpicking, I have changed the quilt top slightly but it is now taken a lot longer than expected. Also I have run out of the white fabric which is a serious nooooooo, so a trip to town today is called for. With all that said I love the quilt and although it won't be finished in time for Saturday, it will be finished for Christmas. Fingers crossed lol.


Kath said...

You're off to a flying start, I'm sure this quilt wil be lovely! Kx

Gwen said...

what a lovely quilt Susan, only you could get back into sewing so quickly after a hol! Can't wait to see the finished quilt top Wed?

jan said...

Brilliant Susan, that is looking so good. You have changed the design beautifully too. Well done.
lol Jan x