Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Ding Ding move along the bus please:

Happy Birthday to my lovely sister Natalie who is 35 today. Here we are having fun last week in Teneriffe. What a fantastic holiday we all had. I have not laughed so much in such a long time. This time was no exception. How we all fitted into the bus was hysterical. Plus the picture does me no justice what so ever. I mean were did all those chins come from. There was a Spanish security guard watching us and his face was a straight as a poker player. God only knows what he was thinking while two grown over weight woman and a teenager squashed themselves into a childs fair ground ride. This picture makes me laugh so much so i have decided to have a give away. Leave me a caption for the picture. Mine was "Ding Ding move along the bus please". I will put all the captions I receive in a hat in two weeks and send the lucky winner a prize. Good luck everyone xxxxx


Kath said...

You certainly look very relaxed and lovely and brown! I shall have to get my thinking cap on...Kx

Susan said...

Thanx Kath for all your lovely comments. It was a very relaxing holiday I loved every minute of it. xxx

Gwen said...

after speaking to you it sounds like you all had a right old laugh about it! how about " 3 bums on a bus?" lol Gwen x