Thursday, 12 November 2009

Its a boy and free motion quilting:

This is my journal quilt for October. I really thought that I would enjoy making these journal quilts but I have to say they have been quite a chore. However, I only have one more to make (December) and I have completed the year. On this particular one I practised my machine free motion quilting and I have to say it is my best attempt so far. It is true what they say practise practise practise and the results soon pay off. I also decided to do my own stitchery for this journal. I am a avid follower of Leanne Beasley (Leannes House) and Natalie Lymer (cinderberry Stitches), both Australian ladies create the most fantastic sticheries and there stiches are so precise. I adore their work if you get a chance check out there blogs.

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Kath said...

I'm sure this one was very special, I love what you did. Kx