Friday, 10 May 2013

Only six Union Jacks.

The weather was extremely wet and miserable today so I decided to stay in and make some more Union Jack blocks. Everything was going extremely well until the fifth block and I cut the template paper that determines the diagonal pattern with the rotary cutter!! Now if I'd of used my brains, I would have scanned the template before cutting it out and I could have just printed a new one. I was so eager to make a block I didn't think and I cut the template straight from the pattern. I did manage to make another block so that I could at least make a small lap quilt. Maybe somethings are meant to be because its a nice size for a lap quilt (26 x 54 inches).  The original quilt consist of 15 blocks and is 72 x 91 very big. I love this little quilt even more because almost all the fabric came from my wonderful friend Janet from her spring clean. (she has such good taste in fabric).  I started to make this quilt for my little man but after block two I decided the fabrics where quite floral themed and maybe a bit girlie. With this in mind my thoughts turned to Paige, she goes to Uni in September and I would like to make her a new quilt to take with her. However, by block three I new it was for me as I was completely in love with it and I knew I could not give it away.   

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Union Jack

I have wanted to make a Union Jack quilt for quite sometime and I received a fabulous pattern from my lovely friend Leanne. (thank you Leanne). This is my first block it took me a little while to figure it out because the pattern uses the width of yards of fabric.  I wanted to make this quilt from my stash and not all my fabric is in yards, I have a lot of fat quarters. However I am in the middle of my second block and getting there slowly.  These are big blocks and I am sure once I get the hang of cutting the pieces from my stash it will come together quite quickly.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Sneak peek at new design.

I have been enjoying the bank holiday weekend by designing some new images in my sketch book. My latest one is called Rabbit and friends and here is a sneak peek. I have decided to stitch this image for a change rather than applique however, the design lends its self to both techniques.  I have already spent the best part of three hours stitching away but the beauty about this little project is it's portable and that means I can take it to my sisters this afternoon and continue to stitch while enjoying the nice weather in her garden. Hope you are all having a great bank holiday weekend too.