Sunday, 29 April 2012

Name Tags

Next Saturday is our May area day and it is mine and Janet's last day as area reps for Merseyside and North Lancs. Phew! the three years have flown by. Our final speaker is our wonderful trader Dot Sherlock of Quilters needs. I am sooooo looking forward to hearing Dot's talk and seeing her amazing  quilts. Today the weather is very wet and miserable so it was the perfect day for staying in and making my final set of name tags. I did all the names on the computer and printed them onto lovely patterned papers but I have embellished them all by hand, even added a bit of bling. I hope they like them they have taken me over four hours to make so I am going for a much needed cuppa tea. :)

Friday, 27 April 2012

Sea Oddessy

Last Saturday I wrapped myself up in warm clothes and with my sister and niece travelled into Liverpool city centre to see the Giants. It was bitterly cold by the Pier Head as we waited in the ever increasing crowd, for the arrival of the girl and her dog but it was so worth it. It was amazing to see, the dog came running down at a galloping pace turned around and ran back towards the girl, turned again and walked back towards us. A few minutes later the girl passed, she was on her scooter with her helmet and goggles on. It really was fascinating to watch as they worked all the various mechanics to move them. Eventually we fought our way through the crowds to see her and the dog a sleep.  Unfortunately I did not get back into Liverpool to see her meet up with her uncle but at least I had seen a small part of what was a great event.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Surprise post.

I have just received a little parcel from the postman, I thought it was a mini scrap book album I bought off eBay a few weeks ago, finally being delivered but no it was something far nicer. It was five lovely fat quarters of fabric along with a little card from Ruth, editor of region 13 news letter, saying I had won the quiz in January's issue. I am smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Say fromage frais.....

Just look at my gorgeous little man, hasn't he grown. He called in yesterday and I asked Colin to take some photos.  He sat him on the dinning room table and told him to say fromage frais which Cole did but its a bit of a mouth full so it did not quite sound right and we all laughed. He then thought it was a game and said it again, well that was it, we started telling him to say other words such as beef stroganoff, ambulance you get the drift. It resulted in some fabulous photos and lots of laughter.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Research and painting.

Today I have been on and off the computer researching artist for the final project. Late this afternoon I just need a break so I decided to get out the water colour paints and paint the design I sketched yesterday. I did not plan the colour scheme I just went with what ever felt right. I am really pleased with how it is looking so far. I don't think I will paint all of it as I quite like the pencil drawing and seeing as it is a sample, it will show the before and after. I think this would make a nice applique pattern or a stitchery. Err! I wonder if I have time?

Monday, 2 April 2012

Loo La La its Art Nouveau darling!!

Collage of ladies fashion 1912.

Gents toilets in the Philharmonic Hotel.

Sketch book with intital ideas based on the tiles in the gents loo.

You may have to click on this image to see the drawing.
I am busy starting my final project for the Art Foundation course. This is the big one as it is my exam and determined the final mark I get. I need a merit to go onto Uni so I have to working hard to stand a chance of achieving this. My inspiration at the moment is from the Art Nouveau movement, events and fashion at the turn of the 20th Century. I have not got a clue where this journey is going to take me. So far I have been very inspired by a recent trip to see the gents toilets in the Philharmonic Hotel. It is a grade A listed building and the toilets are the original fixtures and fittings from when it was built in 1900. The whole building is very Art Nouveau in decor, opulent, grand and very flamboyant a great source to get the ideas flowing.