Monday, 2 April 2012

Loo La La its Art Nouveau darling!!

Collage of ladies fashion 1912.

Gents toilets in the Philharmonic Hotel.

Sketch book with intital ideas based on the tiles in the gents loo.

You may have to click on this image to see the drawing.
I am busy starting my final project for the Art Foundation course. This is the big one as it is my exam and determined the final mark I get. I need a merit to go onto Uni so I have to working hard to stand a chance of achieving this. My inspiration at the moment is from the Art Nouveau movement, events and fashion at the turn of the 20th Century. I have not got a clue where this journey is going to take me. So far I have been very inspired by a recent trip to see the gents toilets in the Philharmonic Hotel. It is a grade A listed building and the toilets are the original fixtures and fittings from when it was built in 1900. The whole building is very Art Nouveau in decor, opulent, grand and very flamboyant a great source to get the ideas flowing.


Joan Mc said...

Many many thanks for my fabric etc it is lovely, clever you. I like your sketchs, what a place to start!

Kath said...

A trip to the gents loos? LOL well it certainly seems to have got you inspired. It's my favourite era, the clothes, the houses, art, fabrics- just gorgeous.

Susan said...

hi Joan glad you liked the fabric. x
hi Kath It all started through the Titanic. There is a big exhibition at the Maritime museum which is really interesting. I also love Art Nouveau style but have not got a clue what I will end up making. x