Friday, 27 April 2012

Sea Oddessy

Last Saturday I wrapped myself up in warm clothes and with my sister and niece travelled into Liverpool city centre to see the Giants. It was bitterly cold by the Pier Head as we waited in the ever increasing crowd, for the arrival of the girl and her dog but it was so worth it. It was amazing to see, the dog came running down at a galloping pace turned around and ran back towards the girl, turned again and walked back towards us. A few minutes later the girl passed, she was on her scooter with her helmet and goggles on. It really was fascinating to watch as they worked all the various mechanics to move them. Eventually we fought our way through the crowds to see her and the dog a sleep.  Unfortunately I did not get back into Liverpool to see her meet up with her uncle but at least I had seen a small part of what was a great event.


Caz said...

Are they big 'puppets'? They look great!!

jan said...

Hi Susan, I saw this on the News, they looked fabulous, lucky you to actually see them. They were HUGE.
lol jan x

Susan said...

hi Caz yes the dog was about 6ft the firl was 30ft tall and her uncle was 50FT tall. x

hi Jan oh I was very lucky it was amazing to see them. Apparently it was quite emotional when they met up and then sailed away on the boat but I did not get to see that. x

Susan said...

Haha caz that should read the Girl silly meeeee X