Saturday, 19 August 2017

Ok body, I'm listening!

Wednesday: Umbrella instillation in Church Alley.

Umbrella Shadows

Thursday: Freebie chest of drawers.

Red Work

Friday: Colourful stitchery.

Mmm! Nannies cup cakes!

Saturday: Hexi quilt and TV therapy.
I can't believe it's already been a week since the launch of my website and my amazing trip to the festival of quilts.  I came home with my head buzzing with even more ideas for future projects and was looking forward to all the creative things I was going to do this week. However, you know the saying, "best laid plans"? Well I certainly did not plan on coming home from work on Sunday feeling rather unwell, to wake up Monday with a head cold that continued to develop into a chest infection that has really knocked me off my feet.  I spent Monday and Tuesday flitting between the couch, the sewing room and my bed. Needless to say not a lot of creativity was achieved.  Wednesday saw me at the Doctors and armed with antibiotics and pain killers I ventured into Liverpool City Centre for some much needed fresh air.  The umbrella instillation in Church Alley is to raise awareness of ADHD.  The sun was out as I walked under the instillation and I loved the shadows the brollies made on the pavement. They reminded me of patchwork hexagons.  Feeling a little better by Thursday (yey for the antibiotics) I decided to embark on a summer clear out of my sewing room.  I managed to empty and remove 10 of the plastic stackable drawers and put their contents into the freebie chest of drawers. Notice in the photo two of said 10 drawers with their contents, which have still got to be sorted and put away.  Believe it or not this took me hours to do and by the time I finished I was exhausted.  Later that night I managed to do a bit of doodling which turned into a little stitchery.  Friday was a continuous coughing day.  I noticed my husband had put cough mixture on our shopping list! I think he was trying to tell me something?  I had a little visitor Friday afternoon, although he is not so little anymore, my gorgeous grandson Cole. We managed to make a batch of scrummy yummy cup cakes which I had to keep supervising from a distance in between coughing fits.  Its now Saturday and I have finally given into my aching body. So today, I am going to sit on the couch with hand sewn hexi quilt, watch TV and rest. 


Joan Mc said...

Can't believe I've missed so many of your posts!! I'm glad everything is going well for you. I hope that you are getting over your sickness. Best of luck with your website. Take care love Joan Mc. xx

Susan said...

Hi Joan, I was only thinking how your where doing a few days ago. Thanks for the comment lovely. I'm getting there slowly got a horrible cough now falling to piece Joan haha. Hope you and yours are all well, see you soon X:)

Lin said...

Nice to see those hexies out again. Hope you are feeling better now Susan. xx