Sunday, 13 August 2017

Festival of quilts 2017.

"My Liverpool Home"

Mr Stuart Hillard

My "Eleanor Stuart" quilt.

Margaret and Andrew Beal.

Annabel Rainbow, Laura Kemshall, me and Linda Kemshall.

Yesterday I visited the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham NEC and oh boy what a whirl wind of a visit it was.  My first port of call was to the "In the spot Light Exhibition" to see my quilt "My Liverpool Home". There I met the lovely Rosemary Preece who has been my go between regarding this exhibition.  As you can see from the fab photo, I met Stuart Hillard, who is such a tonic.  He very kindly took a few minutes out of signing his new book, to hear all about my Eleanor Stuart quilt.  This was inspired by his log cabin quilt that I saw when I heard him speak at regional day in October 2016.  This quilt will soon become available as a pattern on my new website so please keep an eye out for it.  I caught up with some people I already knew and also made quite a few new friends.  I chatted away to the very talented Gillian Travis and her friend Fiona such lovely ladies. A quick hello to Jennie Rayment, then I popped over to Margaret Beals stall. I became a fan of Margaret's work many years ago when I read an article in Stitch magazine.  I was fortunate to meet her at  FOQ and purchased her book, some felt piece and a soldering iron.  I always stop by to say hi to her and he husband, Andrew, such a great couple who always make me feel welcome. Last but not least my trip would not be complete if I did not drop by to say hi to my beautiful FOQ friends Laura and Linda kemshall.  Again I met Laura and Linda a few years back at FOQ and at the time I was such a big fan of their work, I was completely in awe when I met them in person. However, they chatted away to me and made me feel like we had known each other for ages.  Yesterday was no exception when I popped along to their stand TG9 to say hello and see their amazing exhibition "Through Our Hands a Portrait Shuffle" hosted by Laura and Annabel,. Well done ladies on a fabulous exhibition.   Finally, I'd like to say a big thank you to all the people who took the time to chat to me and if you took a business card, please drop by my website or my facebook page or even find me on instagram and say hello. X:)


Leanne said...

Hello Susan
Your photos are lovely and your Liverpool quilt is stunning. Congratulations. I'm very proud of you. xx

Susan said...

Thank you Leanne that means a lot to me.x I have been so busy with the launch of my new website, working part time and having a few little health issues, its been all go. However, its all very exciting and whilst its early days I am so happy that I have taken the plunge to put myself out there. I will write soon and let you know all about me new venture. X:)

Lin said...

What a great day you had. One day I will get there but the fares from here in August are sky high! Could we have a close up of your Liverpool quilt next time please? xx