Monday, 18 January 2016

Better late than never?

The two books I am currently working from.

Todays completed block "Big Dipper"

New inspiration board in my sewing room.
Firstly a very happy new year to those of you who still occasionally drop by the blog in the vague hope that I have posted.  The latter part of 2016 was a blur as I concentrated on getting all my work done for the hand in day which was 12 January.  That work is now in the process of being marked and whilst that is happening I am enjoying some very much needed time off until the madness begins again on the 26th January.  I read my friend Lin's post a few days ago in which she talks about finishing of projects she had started but then put aside, one being her Dear Jane blocks. Some of you may or may not remember I started a Farmers Wife quilt but I only managed to do a few blocks before they got shoved in a drawer and forgot about. Inspired by Lin's post and a good spring clean of my sewing room, I dug out said blocks of which I had 11. I decided to set my self a challenge to make a least two farmers wife blocks each day until I go back to uni.  However, before I did this I had already pulled out the book Anni Downs Book Some Kind of Wonderful and had raced a head and made two of the blocks for the quilt "My Favourite Things".  So the challenge now is at least two farmers wife blocks and one of my favourite thing blocks per day! Today is day two of my challenge and so far I have met my goal of two farmers wife blocks each day and have even managed to make 3 favourite things blocks with a fourth a work in progress. I hope to at least finish my favourite things quilt top before the 26th January. X:)  

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Lin said...

Hello Susan. So big clean up finished and now for fun! I love that Anni Downs book and the Favourite Things Quilt is very you. Good luck. xx