Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Pin Pig:

My sister ,niece and I, all went to Liverpool One a couple weeks ago. Natalie needed to buy an outfit for a formal dinner she is attending whilst on a cruise, later this year. We were in John Lewis's fabric department (I was ooooooing and wowwwwwing at all the pretty things)when Paige spotted this little pig. I fell in love with him straight away, so I hinted to Paige that he wanted to come home with me. She took the hint and here he is. Originally he came with only two pins, I have added the rest. He has settled in quite nicely next to Windy on the windowsill.


jan said...

Oh I too would have had to have this little porker come home with me. He is just too cute Susan. lol Jan

Maggie R said...

Oh This piggy is too cute... I Love pincushions too..