Saturday, 4 April 2009

Starry night:

This is a picture of my Starry Night quilt. The pattern came from a book called Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts. It was relatively easy to piece but it was by know means quick. I machine quilted stars all over the quilt, it felt like it took forever. I had to limit myself to machine quilting for one hour each day. I was delighted with the end result. I was going to say sadly it did not win any rosettes at the Harrogate show but that did not matter. It was what happened to the quilt that far outweighed any rosettes. I gave the quilt to my niece Paige because I had been promising her a blue quilt for her bed. (She is more of a blue chic, than a pink lady). She adores it, it is very muched loved and is very well used. I love the feeling I get when I see either Paige or my nephew Harvey cocooned in its fold watching T.V. It was her comforter when she was poorly a little while back. So you see it was a big winner after all.

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Kath said...

Your quilt is a true "comforter" ...Kath x