Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Exciting times..

My niece Paige is off to Nottingham Trent Uni at the weekend we are all so proud of her as she worked really hard to get there.  I have made her a cushion and some bunting to help put her own stamp on her uni room. This is the first time I have made bunting and I am more than happy at the way it turned out. I gave Paige a choice of what colour bunting she would like and she chose black and white to match her bedding.  However, the cushion is a complete surprise and I am sure she will love it. I designed it today and only took a few hours to make. 


Kath said...

Good luck Paige! have a wonderful time at Uni.

Susan said...

Thanks Kath will pass on your well wishes Xx

Gwen said...

love the bunting! Good luck to Paige!