Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Winter boots:

I have been really busy sewing over the last few weeks. trying to finish my ufo's. I finished my grandma country album quit. I decided to layer and quilt it myself. Erm least said about that the better (lol) a little bit of the binding left to sew then that can go in the airing cupbaord. I finished the top of my christmas quilt very pleased with that. it just need to be layered and quilted. I sewed all my wonder blocks together now I need fabric for a boarder. that requires a visit to Dot might not be this year though. Today i wanted to do some quick sewing. i have admired this boot patteren from Tone Finnagans Book Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle. they are quick and easy to do. the black and white one is for my sister Naatalie. The purple one is for a mini christmas swap with my pen friend Leanne in Austrailia. The other one well that would be telling now lol.

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Kath said...

Susan, these are so pretty. Your work is so neat. I can imagine these on the Christmas tree, they look really quaint and old fashioned, I love them! XX