Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Inspired by others:

There was a programme on last week "Kirsty's homemade Christmas". It was really good she visited lots of different crafts people who assisted her to make homemade items for Christmas in the subject that they specialised in. I have to say I got an abundance of ideas from the show. One of the crafts people was a florist and she showed Kirsty how to make a decorative tassel using beads and ribbon, to adorn a Christmas wrapped gift. This inspired me to have a go at making one myself, but to hang on my Christmas tree as a decoration. I rummaged in my bits and bobs box and these are two decorations I made. They cost pennies to make but look exquisit. When I go to town I always visit the shop bangles and bows in Clayton Square. Here you can pick up costume jewelery from as little as 25p. At this price you do not mind dismantling them, leaving you with some beautiful bead embellishments for a fraction of the price you would pay for a tube of beads. The other added bonus is you often get a good assortment of different sizes, colours and shapes all on the one bracelet or necklace.

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Kath said...

Great tip! Your decorations look very dainty and pretty.XX