Monday, 21 July 2014

Childs play..

Cole's fabric backgrounds.

My fabric backgrounds.

A joint effort.

Doodle for fabric journal postcard,

Finished Journal fabric postcard.
On Friday I had the delightful company of my beautiful Grandson Cole.  We always spend some quality time together painting and drawing in my sewing room. This time I thought we would do something a little different. Adorning our aprons I got our some white cotton fabric and the water colour sprays I recently made from a set of DMT intensive water colour paints and tap water. As well as various size bottle tops, lids, some small rubber stamps, some ink pads and acrylic paints. We set to creating some lovely back grounds with the intention of making some journal fabric post cards. We had a great time, playing with different house hold items, which we tried to stamp using the ink pads and acrylic paints. Once our backgrounds had dried, I ironed them to heat set them. With that said these fabric are not going to be used in any projects that may require washing as I do not know how they would react to water.  Today, I was looking for new inspirational quotes and stumbled across this one" Those who wish to sing will always find a song". I knew straight away it was perfect for a new Journal fabric postcard. I decided to use the background piece that we made together and I think it has worked really well.


Kath said...

how lovely to be able to share some creative time with your special boy.
I love what you made, your little bird looks very cheeky :-)

Susan said...

Hi Kath thank you. We love getting messy with paints he is such a blessing,can't believe he will be five in October. X:)

Lin said...

What a great way to spend an evening! Love the finished postcard. xx

Maria said...

The fabrics you both printed look wonderful, Susan :-)

Joan Mc said...

You can't escape the funky birds!! Love what you're doing with the postcards.My grandaughter would some of these ideas. I have shown her your blog when she has been here, although I think she's having a break from art after all that she needed to do for her GCSE's.4850

Susan said...

Hi Lin, I had originally planned to take him out for the day but we awoke to heavey rain so the paints and art stuff came out instead. x:)

Hi Marie, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. X:)

Joan my lovely so nice to hearfrom you hun. No not finished with them funky birds just yet haha. Hope your grandaughter likes the blog. I am sure she will soon be back in the art world after a much needed break from study. X:)