Monday, 6 July 2009

Fair, Fish and Flying Geese:

Meet South and Port my two new friends. Yesterday I went to Southport with my Sister, brother-in-law, niece, brother and nephew. We had a lovely picnic lunch on the Pier, then it was off to what is left of the fun fair. Paige and Harvey were having a go at a win a prize every time stall and we all laughed when they both won a goldfish. Paige asked me if I would like a gold fish, i said no that i did not have a gold fish bowl to put it in, but it turned out that the woman also sold little fish tanks. Paige bought me the fish tank and then went on to win me two fish. They are making themselves at home in my bedroom. Later at home I needed to get on with some serious sewing. I need to make a 176 flying geese for my outer border on my country album quilt. I think I've made about 70 so far.


jan said...

Hope you are making these one of the quick ways.
lol Jan

Kath said...

Lovely to have you back XX