Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The kitchen and a Poinsettia.

My kitchen and living room are open plan.

Poinsettia cushion for my Auntie Mary
My living room and kitchen are now open plan and whilst I lost a tiny bit of living room space I gained quite a bit of kitchen space.

Every Christmas I buy my Auntie Mary a specific pair of slippers but this year I wanted to get her something different. My lovely friend Janet (who always has the most amazing ideas) made her mother in law a Christmas cushion. I thought oooo I will make one for our Mary. I have this lovely poinsettia applique pattern from an old Popular Patchwork magazine. The image was designed by the very talented Patricia Archibald. It took me a little while but I found the magazine and set to work. I am pleased to say that I only had to buy the zip and the cushion the rest came from my fabric stash. I think it has turned out really well and i hope our Mary will like it.


Kath said...

wow! so modern and sleek!
I love that cushion, what a great idea, I ought to do one for my Mum, she loves special christmas things to put out over the holidays.
Have a lovely time over christmas, do post some photos of Cole opening his presents :-D

Susan said...

hi Kath, I think homemade cushion are very fashionable at the min and make a great present. i will take lots of pics of Cole he is growing up so fast. Have a great holiday season to Kath xx