Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Hot lazy days.....

This is a victorian childs sewing machine, it is displayed in Suddley House and it is the nearest I have been to a sewing machine in weeks.

Path that leads to the back of Suddley House.

Floral inspirations.

I know it has been weeks since I blogged but sadly I have had nothing to blog about. I have not been anywhere near my sewing machine since my last post because of the hot weather.  Instead I have been spending my time reading, sketching, painting, family bbq's and the odd day trip somewhere local. The latest of which was on the 61 bus to Suddley House in Mosley Hill, where I enjoyed some of my favourite paintings by the Pre-Raphaelite artist William Holman Hunt and Edward Burne Jones. 


Kath said...

ooh that's the weirdest thing. I have a water colour doodle in one of my old sketchbooks just like that. Using masking fluid and a green/yellow wash.
I love that little sewing machine, how cute is that.

Lin said...

Glad you have been getting some good weather too. It has been so hot here that we have barricaded ourselves indoor by midday - all afternoon to sew, with the fan on if necessary. Lovely daisy picture - ispiration for when you get back to stitch. Are you going to FOQ?

Susan said...

Hi Kath great minds think alike lol x x

Hi Lin yes I am going the FOQ arrive Friday leaving Sunday.Are you going? x

Lin said...

No, sadly not. Have a great time !