Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Just for Joan.

On Saturday I attended our local area day, the speaker was Tracy Fox, who's work I totally adore. Tracy told us all about her creative journey so far, it was really interesting and she followed it up with a great printing work shop in the afternoon.  My lovely friend Joan was there and she asked why I did not blog any more?  Well the reason being is I was so busy finishing my degree, then working full time I just didn't have any time to blog or be creative. I have missed being creative but over the last few weeks I have been making fabric post cards and I have even managed to make a quilt top. At the moment I am going through a very whimsical style of painting and drawing  after completing a free download from the wonderfully talented Deb Antonick. I have been doodling away lots of ideas in my sketchbook. So I thought I would share a couple of pages from my sketch book and the little wooden Christmas ornaments I have been painting. I will finish this post with a special thank you to Joan who after all these months still checks my blog in the hope that I have posted something new.  See you soon huni X:)


Leanne said...

These are beautiful Susan, you are so talented. Have you got my letter yet?

Lin said...

At Last! A new post - I was beginning to think you had forgotten us and was on the verge of writing! Glad to hear you had a great day on Saturday - always good to get to a talk and a workshop. The ornaments look great and I love the flower and chicken page. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your quilt. xx

Joan Mc said...

Thank you Susan, I've been checking each day!! Love the decorations, just my style. I enjoyed Saturday as well, what a lovely speaker she was, so interactive with everyone and full of ideas that used everyday items. It was lovely to see you again, keep up with the blogging as you know I miss it. Love Joan xxx.