Monday, 5 December 2016

Girl on a mission!

This is the book

This is the scrap quilt I want to make.

My extra squares and triangles.

A glimpse of the blocks I've managed to make so far.
Hello to all the beautiful people who still read my much neglected blog. Today's post is an appeal for help. A couple of weeks ago one of the Liverbirds brought in a bundle of books and we all got to help ourselves to any we wanted.  As soon as I saw the Scrap Quilts book I realised it had already been in my possession when I very first started quilting.  I even made Paige's Stary Night quilt from this very book, it took me quit sometime collecting various shades of blues for that particular quilt. This time round I have fell in love with the Lucky Stars scrap quilt, which requires 401 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 inch (four and three quarter inch) squares of dark, medium and light coloured fabrics. These four and three quarter inch fabrics are then cut in half diagonally making a total of 802 triangles.  You are then meant to swap half of your triangles with other quilters so you end up with 802 different fabrics. This means there are no two fabrics the same in the quilt top. I have exhausted my stash and have managed to make five of the 20 blocks I need for the quilt. I have even doubled up on a few of the triangles but I really want the quilt to be authentic and a true scrappy quilt. I was telling my beautiful friend Judith last week and she said I will cut you some squares. How kind it was of her to help and it got me thinking and I came up with the idea of appealing to all my quilter friends and ask if any of you would kindly help me collect 802 different fabrics . If anyone would like swap squares or kindly donate any scraps of fabric you have that are big enough for me to get a 4 3/4 square out of it that would be great. How to get any donations or swaps to me, email me if you have my email address and we will exchange addresses. You could leave a comment in the box below but DO NOT leave your address and I can private message you via email.  For those of you who may have me number ring or text me and I will arrange how we can do a trade.  Or find me on Face Book under Susan Pierce. Thank you and wish me luck X:)


Lin said...

Hi Susan. Great idea. I will try and sort out some scraps this week as we leave for UK on Sunday and I will be able to post them when we arrive. I have your address somewhere. xx

Susan said...

Hi Lin thank you lively so kind of you. Enjoy your trip to the UK. X☺