Sunday, 1 March 2009

Its a roll over and bingo:

This is the roll over pencil case, I have made for my sister Natalie and filled it with felt tip pens. I made it especially for her to take to the bingo. You see Natalie likes to colour in all the blank squares on her bingo tickets, whilst we are sitting chatting. She never goes outside the lines either, bless her. I thought she would really appreciate this gift as it is not often I can make things for Natalie, she is very fussy. Tonight she will have lots of different colours to choose from. Wish us luck xx.


jan said...

Good Luck to you both at the Bingo. lol jan xx

Susan said...

Hi Jan,
Thank you, we did have some luck as it happens. Natalie's friend Tracy came with us and she won the very last house of the evening £300. We always share and we each came home with a £100.
Love Susan x