Monday, 3 May 2010

An opportunity not to be missed:

In January I was advised by my GP to visit a local women's centre called the Swan centre. Its purpose is to cater for woman who have health problems. It was a big step for me to pluck up the courage and go to the centre. I was met by a lovely lady named Barbara who explained what the centre was all about and what it had to offer. Barbara made me feel very welcome and I returned the following day to attend a reading class. It was a bit like jackanory. A lady named Iralie read us a story whilst you made yourself comfortable on big soft sofas and chairs. It was so relaxing I nearly fell asleep. Since then I have joined the Art class on a Monday morning and I have met such lovely people. I also tried to join the sewing group but it was not what it appeared to be, so I did not return. However last Monday, two ladies in the art class asked me if I would return to the sewing group and teach them how to make a quilt. Well now, how could I refuse. I took along my quilts the following Thursday for some show and tell. I received such a positive response, they asked me to design a simple project so they could learn the basic. I decided on squares over papers to make a small child's quilt using scraps of fabric. I have run my one up over the last two days and to night I plan on layering it. Hopefully I will be able to start to quilt it tomorrow. Either way it has to be ready to show the ladies what they are going to make on Thursday. I hope it will meet with their approval:


Kath said...

Good for you! That took courage to walk in to a new place full of friends you have not met before. I'm glad you got the chance to show off your talents, who knows where this might lead. I always said you were wasted LOL

Gwen said...

it's lovely Susan,the group should like their quilt and maybe posible future quilters? glad you are taking positive steps for your health! I wish someone would read a story to me but I would be asleep in 2 minutes!! lol! Gwen x