Wednesday, 15 September 2010


This was my first visit to France and I thought it was a lovely country. We stayed in a place called E'tables Mer. Being so close to that coast we where never short of a port or two to visit. However, a short drive inland took us deep into rural country side. The scenery was breath taking, with little villages and farms. The middle photo is of the Abbay Maritime de Beauport a 14th century Abbey in a place called Paimpol. The abbey is being restored to its former glory and has under gone a lot of work since being purchased by the French equivalent of the National trust. It here the make cider and all the apples used come from the abbey orchards. I would like to go back to France and visit St Malo as we did not manage to visit this beautiful place. The picture is of the walled city and I took it whilst leaving the port heading back to old Blighty. I was very glad to be home as I missed my family dreadfully but I am thankful that I was given such a wonderful generous gift.

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Kath said...

It looks like a gorgeous place and you certainly look very relaxed and happy.