Thursday, 16 September 2010

Sewing Angel and Henry:

A lot of the time in France was spent chilling and relaxing, which gave me the perfect opportunity to finish my sewing angel. She was given to me by my friend Janet several years ago. Now she is finished I will frame her and hang her in my sewing room. On Tuesday I took my little man to Liverpool town centre. Whilst in John Lewis haberdashery I spotted the most delightful knitted sheep. Of course I had to have the pattern but the lady behind the counter said she didn't know where it was. I was just about to leave minus the pattern when the knitting demonstrator came in to purchase wool. She told me the patterns were free downloads from the ROWAN web site and recommended what type of wool to use. I bought a ball of the wool (not cheap at £5.70 for a 50g ball)thankfully it only takes one ball and there is quite a bit left over so I might be able to squeeze another one out of it? I started knitting him that night and finished him this morning. His name is Henry because I watched a film called the Sword and the Rose whilst knitting him and one of the characters was Henry VIII so that is how he got his name. Simplesssssssss


Kath said...

Oh you will have to knit a whole farm now LOL. when my son was tiny, someone knitted him a Noahs ark with all the animals.
I do like your stitchery, I'm dying to have a go, I must get round to it, once I get straight!

Gwen said...

glad you are back with us Susan! yes, it was a great holiday you had by the look of the photos! and now you can move on to other things, keep up with the sewing, your wall hanging is lovely and the sheep is a cutie......keep it up! Gwen x