Sunday, 11 September 2011

And so it begins......

We had to bring in interesting objects to draw.  This is a one minute sketche of a whisk head, some icing pipes and a cork.

Continous line drawing of whisk heads a cork and a energy light bulb.

Draw the person next to you using a continous line in three minutes.
Fir cone using continous line, four minute drawing.

Fir cone drawing taken one step further and made into a lino print.

Research artist who use print in their work.

Collage's of the artist I researched over the weekend.
Well what can I say? My journey into college life and the Arts has begone and it looks like it is going to be a very fast paced. This week has been more than a shock to the system, early mornings, long days and late nights. Oh and on top of all this I have had a chest infection which has soooo not helped, I feel I have mainly coughed my way through the lessons.  At the moment we are in tutorial groups, until you pick a specialist subject and then the group will split up.  There are eight lectures, therefore eight tutorial classes. I did see a couple of other mature lady students in the hall on the first day and I was so relieved, however, they are not in my tutorial.  I am completely surrounded by 18 to 19 year olds, which believe it or not was quite intimidating.  With that said they have all made me feel really welcome and I was invited to join several of the girls for lunch at the noodle bar on Thursday, Bless! The next invitation was to join them for a drink after college on Friday (we finish at 12.30) but I graciously declined as I was meeting Michaela for lunch (who is so supportive but I think may be feeling a little neglected as I have not seen her or Cole for over a week).  Well my homework is complete so I better get on with some house work.


Leanne said...

Hello Susan
You will be fine at your course, you are so talented, your drawings are amazing.
I hope you start to feel better soon.
Take care

Kath said...

How exciting, I'm very envious.
I'm very pleased you are settling into college and that the other girls are freindly, but who could fail to like you with your sweet, kind nature and how you are always so interested in other people.

jan said...

Go Susan. Don't you go lumping yourself with the 'oldies' you are a youngster Susan, I am sure all the girls on the course are friendly, how can they not be with you in their classes.
Looking forward to seeing your work as you go along your way.
Great start.

Susan said...

Thank you so much my lovely friends, I am truly blessed to have such amazing people such as yourselves in my life xx

shirley l said...

Susan. You will shine through and leave your mark on the college. Hope you are soon over your infection. Hope you are not tootired for Liverbirds tonight